Many people have been involved with the aCompLish program.  Although there are too many to specifically list here, every one of them deserves more thanks than I can express with words on a page.  The bottom line is that, no matter how much they were involved (a  little or a lot), they have touched many lives, have made a difference, and are the lifeblood of this organization.

Thank you to:

  • Everyone who has volunteered time to help teach the students or to help with the Homework Help/Reading program.
  • Ms. Flaviola Laguniz for her vision and work to start the Homework Help/Reading program, which still exists today.
  • The students of R.L. Turner who volunteer their time helping the children with their homework or to develop an ongoing love of reading and education.
  • Everyone who has donated computer equipment.  Without the computers, the students can’t practice what they have learned in class and would likely forget.  Thank you for helping reinforce what they learn and making this mission worthwhile.
  • Phillip Wylie our unofficial “Technology and Security Officer” who has been responsible for the development of this website, has spent countless hours helping restore computers, has taught others how to restore/refurbish donated equipment, and has sought out programs that ensure that personal data is removed before computers are placed with new owners.  Anytime we encounter a problem we can’t solve, the first step is “Call Phil”.
  • Scott Cherry and John Reas for agreeing to serve as the first board members and for their flexibility, enthusiasm, and support of this program.
  • Chris Ortiz for his enthusiasm for the program, ongoing encouragement, and for making the move into the R.L. Turner building a breeze.
  • Everyone who has helped spread the word of this mission to recruit new students, volunteers, and/or computer donations.
  • The people who have helped locate and write grants or helped with paperwork required to establish this non-profit organization.
  • Todd Fye for his creativity.  Without him, the program wouldn’t have a name.
  • The Covenant Presbyterian Church, Carrollton, Texas for starting a program that I never dreamed would become my passion and such an enormous part of my life.
  • To my family who listens to me go on and on about this program and has given up time with me to allow me to invest countless hours into this organization.
  • The ESL and Computer students for your continued attendance and dedication to improving your life skills.

Again, I can’t express how important each of you are/have been to the success of this program. I appreciate your time, support, efforts, encouragement, enthusiasm, donations, etc.  From the bottom of my heart, you have my sincerest thanks.

Tiffany Wylie

President of aCompLish